I am working at the School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University (China) as a distinguished professor (full). I am focusing on the research in Tectonics, Structure Geology, Mineralogy, Geology and Petrology, Mineral Prospecting and Exploration. I am interested in the granite-related W-Sn deposits and low-temperature Sb-Au deposits. I welcome international candidates to join my research group as master or PhD students, applying for the CSU scholarship. Cooperation in sample analysis and publications are also expected.

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2018/04–present: Professor, School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University

2014/10–2018/03: Lecturer, Faculty of Earth Resources, China University of Geosciences


2011/10–2014/9: Ph.D student in Kyushu University, Japan, majoring in Economic Geology. Degree awarded: Doctor of Engineering.

2008/9–2011/6: Master student in Central South University, China, majoring in Economic Geology. Degree awarded: Master of Engineering.

2004/9–2008/6: Undergraduate student in Central South University, China, majoring in Geological Engineering (Mineral Prospecting and Exploration). Degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering.

Research and Project experiences

Since 2006, I have participated in many field investigations and projects on ore deposits in China and other countries. Representative sites are Xikuangshan antimony mine area (Hunan, China, 2006/8–2006/9); Dafangshan and Huluyu gold deposit (Henan, China, 2007/5–2007/7); Shexingshan polymetallic deposit (Hunan, China, 2007/11), Hongdenggou gold deposit (Qinhai, China, 2008/4–2008/5); Hutouya mining area (Qinhai, China, 2008/5–2008/6); Pingguo aluminum ore deposit (Guangxi, China, 2008/6–2008/7 and 2009/10–2009/11); NEGLASARI gold deposit (BANTEN, Indonesia, 2008/8–2008/9 and 2009/2–2009/3); Zhaokalong Iron–copper polymetallic deposit (Qinhai, China, 2009/6–2009/7); Huangshaping–Baoshan Pb–Zn–Cu polymetallic metallogenic regin (Hunan, China, 2009/8–2009/9 and 2011/2-2011/3); Krakatau active volcano (2012/9); Hishikari gold deposit (Kagoshima, Japan, 2013/5); Borro gold deposit and Erdent copper deposit (Mongolia, 2013/9), South Hunan W-Sn polymatallic deposits (2011/10-2014/9) and Banxi antimony deposit (2015/8).


1) Huan Li, 2018/07-2021/06, Ore-controlling structural systems and deep ore exploration. National Key Research and Development Plan “Deep Exploration Technology Demonstration of Cu-Sn Polymetallic Minerals in Southern Hunan, Qin-Hang Metallogenic Belt" (Grant No. 2018YFC0603902), 1,770,000 RMB. 2) Huan Li, 2018/06-2022/12, Jurassic extensional structural patterns and metallogenic regularity of Cu-W-Sn polymetallic deposits in the middle Nanling, South China. Special Grants for Distinguished Professors, Central South University (Grant No. 218059), 1,200,000 RMB. 3) Huan Li, 2016/1-2018.12, Genesis and dating of hydrothermal zircon and its implications on fluid evolution in complex metallogenic system: A case study from the southern Hunan ore concentration area. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 41502067), 264,000 RMB. 4) Huan Li, 2014/11-2017.10, Yanshanian multi-scale extensional tectonic patterns and metallogenic regularity and prediction in South Hunan. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (Grant No. CUG150612), 150,000 RMB. 5) Huan Li, 2011/10-2014/09, Granitic evolution and its bearings on mineralization in Nanling Region, South China: an example from the Huangshaping deposit. G-COE Project from MOE, Japan (Grant No. CUG150612), 2,000,000 JPY. 6) Huan Li, 2011/10-2014/09, Jurassic magmatic-tectonic-metallogenic evolutionary processes in the central Nanling Region, South China: a case study from the Huangshaping polymetallic deposit. Special Sponsorship Program for Excellent Doctoral Students, Kyushu University (Grant No.2371), 1,500,000 JPY.


Peer-reviewed journal papers

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